Adam Cumpston is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker and author. He consults with organizations to help them reach their potential through leadership, employee development and organizational structure. Through his suggestions and hands-on trainings, you will see the people in your organization transform from merely employees to the driving force behind your success. Contact Adam today to set up a session.

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The success of an organization rises and falls with leadership. With strong leaders at every level, groups can exceed the rules of what the science of management says is possible and create new opportunities. Leadership consulting examines the culture at all levels of your organization, because leadership is not just a skill for CEO’s. With a detailed analysis of your current situation, a systematic plan for bolstering leadership and the hands-on training provided by Adam, your organization will be ready to meet the challenges and obstacles facing organizations each day.

Employee Development

Your people are your most important asset. They are what ultimately determines whether your organization is wildly successful or miserably fails. Once you find these amazing people, how do you keep them? You have to invest in them just like anything else you value! Employee development consulting examines the way you recruit, train, reward, and retain your employees, providing you an honest analysis of your situation with practical steps to help you improve. It is possible to have “that” organization that everybody wants to work for. Let us show you how.

Wind turbines on blue sky

Wind turbines on blue sky

Organizational Structure

You may have the right people, but if they are in the wrong place, you will never see the effectiveness you want and they will never be satisfied like they desire. Many times we have all the pieces of the puzzle, we just need a fresh set of eyes to help put them all together. Organizational structure consulting takes a close look at your entire organization and how it flows. Employee strengths and workloads are considered to give you a recommended structure that will most efficiently use the resources you already have.

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