3 Signs of a Great Project Manager

Project management is a hot corporate fad and everybody is trying to classify themselves as a project manager. It is a title that people want to get. There is even the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification available through the Project Management Institute (PMI) to help instill confidence in potential project managers and their skills. Unfortunately for hiring managers, the truth is that certifications or titles don’t necessarily correlate to quality project managers. Amazing project managers are the product of experience mixed in with some natural skill. Here are three things to look for when considering a project manager:

Gives Credit – Sometimes

A great project manager always gives credit to their team when they are successful. They realize that without the team who stood behind them and made the vision a reality, the success would not be possible. By allowing the team to be showered with praise from the success, the project manager encourages their team to continue doing great things. On the other hand, if a project fails or problems are encountered, the best project managers are the ones who step up and take the blame. It is easy to pass off blame and point out the mistakes of others, but true leaders step up and take the weight of the failure on their shoulders because they realize that tearing down their team will hurt them in the future. They take the blame while using the experience to improve their team in the future.

Great Personality

Have you ever seen managers that nobody can stand working for? These people are not productive become their employees despise working for them. When this attitude exists, people shut down and only do what is necessary to get by. Great leaders are people who everybody wants to be around. Their attitude is infectious and it quickly catches on with their team. When your team likes you, they will want you to succeed and they will do whatever it takes to make that a reality.

Willing to Take a Stand

In most projects, the time will come when you are probably going to offend somebody or make a decision that is unpopular. It is these times when a strong project manager will stand up to the opposition and continue to advocate for what they think is the correct decision. Weak project managers will bow down to criticism and change course based on what others think. This limits the exchange of ideas and could damage the project. Although the time comes when a project manager has to do the will of management, it is still critical to effectively voice their ideas and opinions to give the project its greatest chance at success.